Boston University Coursework

Boston University Academy students typically take between six and twelve Boston University courses as part of their 信誉最好的大网投平台 experience, all counting toward the credits required to earn the 信誉最好的大网投平台 diploma. As students think about their transition to a college or university setting, this work is valuable for a number a reasons: 

  • In the application process, admissions officers have clear evidence that 信誉最好的大网投平台 students can succeed in university-level academic work.
  • By taking university courses, 信誉最好的大网投平台 students begin to develop the independence and self-advocacy skills necessary for college.
  • When they enroll in college, students may be able have their BU coursework reviewed and used for placement or to fulfill general education requirements.
  • In some cases, students can transfer eligible credit at their undergraduate institution, which could accelerate the time to degree-completion and reduce the overall cost of a college education. Each institution abides by its own set of policies and some will not award credit for college level work completed in high school (or that fulfills high school graduation requirements). In general, public universities are the most likely to award credit; selective private universities are the least likely.
  • For 信誉最好的大网投平台 graduates who enroll at Boston University, work completed during their time at 信誉最好的大网投平台 will carry over; typically students will begin at BU with between 24 and 48 course credits toward their undergraduate degree.